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Rosemary Veilleux, RN

Energy Practitioner
Integrative Healing Specialist
Health and Wellness Consultant

It is my passion and the purpose of Emerald Light Healing to bring more joy and light into this world and beyond.

I am dedicated to helping others experience their own truth and well being. Through a lifetime of healing my own physical, emotional and spiritual challenges, I have discovered that healing can be a wonderful journey of self discovery and love rather than traumatic and filled with heaviness.

Allow me to assist you with opening new doors and removing old barriers, as you allow health, peace of mind, abundance, well being and joy to flow into your life.

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In my blog I share some my thoughts, poems and musings. I hope you be inspired by the lessons and wisdom I have to share.

Healing Sessions

Resolve issues in your life to feel stronger, happier and healthier with a session customized for your specific life challenges and desire for healing.

Pet Well-Being

Give your pet a greater level of physical, emotional and spiritual health with this unique session that works with both you and your beloved pet.

"Joy can be found on the flutter of butterfly wings, and in the whispery
kiss of a child. Joy can be found in the opening of a flower or in
the dawn of a new day. Anywhere the heart sees, joy is."

Rosemary Veilleux